What ever happened to conversation on hashtags?

This is my latest annoyance. Hashtags are supposed to be for a place for conversation. They are, usually, created for a Twitter chat once a week or once a month.  Most people just use the hashtags for content promo or self promo at all other times of the week or the month.

I admit that I definitely used to be guilty of this. I think posting content is GREAT to hashtags, but bring something else to the table. Don't just post 5-10 articles a day to a certain hashtag and not engage people in the hashtag or participate in the actual conversation during the Twitter chats.

I would like to see a lot more engagement on hashtags. That is what they are there for.


Another annoyance:

People posting content to hashtags they *never* participate in and never intent to participate in.  If you are going to post content to a hashtag or a LinkedIn group, don't post your own content for your own self promotion. It's annoying and I think you are being pretty fake and full of yourself.

Realistically, will people stop posting content all the time and actually talk and engage? Probably not.

This is why we should teach people and reach out to people who don't seem to know what they are doing. Instead of posting 10 random articles a day that probably don't even pertain to a hashtag you are using, actually talk to people.

Social media not SHARING media.

Social media is about being social and not just sharing content all the time! Talk to people and create conversation. It's not that hard.


Keep this in mind. I know I will be posting less content, articles and blog posts and I will be trying to create more conversation on hashtags.


I would like to know:

What are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed this?