How personal should you be with customers?

If you have read any of my blog, or if you know me, you know I go to Western Carolina University... in the middle of no where. Literally. It's a little different being completely away from a real "city." We have a lot of local businesses and restaurants because we're about an hour from the nearest big city. While I'm at my university, I usually don't get a haircut throughout the year, but I stayed at WCU this summer and absolutely needed a haircut. What did I do to find a place? Google!

The first place that popped up on Google was a place called Strands of Creativity Hair Salon. I had not heard of this place, but I did know of a few other places my friends went. I went to their Facebook page and "liked" their page and began viewing their pictures and prices. It seemed like a really good deal to me.

I posted a question on their page as to when they had available appointments and within a few minutes I had a response and a friend request from the owner, Melissa. At first, I thought this was a bit forward, but I accepted the request and started messaging back and forth with Melissa.

She answered every question and set me up with an appointment for a hair cut and hair style recommendation appointment. I was pretty shocked that she took the time to answer all my questions!

While this is different for small town businesses, I thought it was pretty awesome that I got a personal response from my new hair salon and I got help immediately. I really liked that I didn't have to call, some say it's a Gen Y thing, and get someone who acted like they didn't want to talk, but I got someone who genuinely wanted to help me out.

I think it is also pretty cool how different companies across the wide spectrum of interests are embracing social media to engage customers. I also like Strands of Creativity's updates about their new items and new specials. It keeps me updated on specials and when I need to get my hair cut.

Melissa even has options for FB reminders the day before your hair appointment! Needless to say, I'm thankful my hair cutter is on social media!



How personal do you think businesses should  be with customers? Should business owners friend customers? Where is the boundary line?