Introducing New Profile Sections Designed for Students (via The LinkedIn Blog)

I was waiting for LinkedIn to become more student friendly so more students would be interested in joining! You can add awards, certifications, student organizations and more! I'm adding these new sections right now.

To add the new sections to your profile:

1. Go to your LinkedIn page 2. Click "Edit Profile" 3. Below your main information, in a blue box on your profile, there will be the words "Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile." Click that! 4. Add new sections!

Introducing New Profile Sections Designed for Students Students are different from typical LinkedIn professionals - with less work experience to add to their profiles. Starting today, we’re helping our members showcase a wider variety of accomplishments on LinkedIn profiles. This capability is particularly important for students and recent graduates - and here’s why: The LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool for working professionals.  By capturing accomplishments in real time and publishing them on th … Read More

via The LinkedIn Blog