Doors Close.. a Marketing Position Opens!

I was pretty excited about this summer, until I got a reality check for rent and other costs. My original plan was to move to Boston for the summer to work for a PR/Marketing firm, but lack of funds quickly nixed that. I decided to stay at my university, Western Carolina University, for the summer and mostly work online for Social Fresh and A&O PR as well as do some work for our Student Government Association on campus.

Then I looked for other opportunities for financial support. I started working at a local ice cream shoppe serving ice cream, making coffee and managing their website and social media.

Unfortunately, they hired too many people for the summer and they were not making enough to cover all the costs. Since I was one of the newest people, my hours got cut back by over 80% so I work about every two weeks there. Needless to say, I definitely needed more income and I wanted more experience this summer.

One search later...

I found an incredible opportunity at a local country club for a marketing position. I have been looking to get more into marketing and I knew this was the perfect opportunity. The position required knowledge of HTML, email marketing, previous campaign experience, social media experience and required a friendly, personable personality for reservations and sales calls.

Perfect! That was me!

Now came the interview call. It went to voicemail. I left a courteous voicemail detailing my interest in the position and got a callback the next day for

an interview.

I used to be terrified of interviews. I have had some that haven't gone very well and I let them get to me. This interview was completely different. It went amazingly well and I was already feeling welcomed.

I was offered the job the next day.



Does this always happen? Most likely not,  but I didn't give up. I was upset at first about my hours being cut back, but I looked for new opportunities and went after what I wanted and what I knew I could be good at.

I'm very happy with my new job and it's my first actual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job! It's a MWF job, so I still have some time off on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I'm very thankful for this opportunity and it has been exciting so far! I'm looking forward to learning more and gaining more experience in the marketing field.


Job hunting can be terrible and a job itself; Don't give up!