Relationships and Social Media.. Do they Mix?

One problem I hear a lot of couples complain about is time spent online. One thinks the other is spending too much time online and talking to other people and the other doesn't think the one complaining understand his or her time. He also pointed out, what did they have to fight over? Not a lot. Today, people get in fights over how much time is spent online, who they are talking to online, who they are messaging online, etc. It's gotten a little out of hand.

I've been in this situation a few times.

Last night on Conan, a guest comedian was talking about how older generations' relationships are lasting 30, 40, 50+ years because they didn't have all this technology and social media to fight over.

That was something I had never thought about. Are we fighting because of technology and social media?


I am guilty of spending too much time online [if you're reading this, you probably know that]. I need to spend more time offline. I'm way too connected 90% of the time and I need to be more aware of what I'm doing.


If your significant other is complaining about you being online too much, it's probably true. I actually appreciate that mine isn't online and isn't involved in social media that much at all.

Steps I know I should take:

1. Disconnect at night: I don't have to work all the time and I could stand to take a few hours off at night to spend time with him.

2. Focus more during the day: I'm not completely focused all the time during the day, but if I could focus more during the day I would get more done and spend less time online at night.

3. Limit Twitter chats: I've been doing better at this, but I know I don't have to participate in every single Twitter chat every single night. It's okay to miss one!

4. Show your significant other you're serious: Really get off when you're saying you are going to get offline, don't just say "another five minutes" when you don't mean it.

5. Make the break last:  Stay committed to this and don't make it last only a week then slip right back into those habits. Really take a break and keep it that way!


What other tips would you give for people trying to work on their offline relationships?


Thanks for reading!