Serving the Customers You Don't Always Like...

Yes, I found myself in this predicament. One of my jobs this summer is working at a local ice cream shoppe! We also serve coffee, baked goods and homemade waffle cones! This was my first *real* job outside the University and internships! I never had the opportunity to work a "high school" job while in high school due to me playing three different sports.

So this is my first job where I'm actually serving people and I learned a valuable lesson.

When people come in your shop, workplace, etc. that you don't necessarily like, you still have to deal with them. You can't ignore them and it doesn't really do any justice to be rude to them.

Service with a smile [or "take the higher road"]! That is what I learned and what I am going to try to do in upcoming situations where someone I might not like walks into my workplace.

Although it can feel like a little invasion of your space, eventually they will leave and you can relax! Three options:


1. Get through it and breathe...

2. Take it with a smile and move on.

3. Let someone else serve them.


That's my advice for today!


What are your other tips for dealing with people you don't necessarily like in your workplace?