Poll: Do we really know what "disconnect" means?

I love to work, I actually do. I like to work and I like to have something to do. Some people say that's a problem and others are exactly like me. Even after the typical office hours, I usually do extra work at night and even do work in the middle of watching a movie at home and at other times. I do work on vacation and on "days off."

I don't ever really disconnect or stop working. Even when I'm not working, something that I need to do or need to work on usually pops into my head.


In CNBC's "Most Stressful Jobs of 2011," PR was the #2 most stressful job. Quote:

They also bear the burden of being connected constantly to social media while also managing small details of several campaigns at once.


I also noticed that quite a few of their other most stressful jobs were communication related fields.

#4 Photojournalist - "Many are on call 24 hours a day. And when news breaks, the photojournalists may have to mobilize with extremely short notice and stay on assignment for extended periods of time."

#5 Newscaster - "They must be continually plugged in, interacting with the dynamic landscape of the internet, which is continuously changing the way they broadcast the news.

#6 Advertising Account Executive - "Advertising executives must continually keep pace with trends and consumer tastes, and dealing with clients tends to be particularly stressful in their daily work routines."

See the pattern?

I know it's something I need to work on, especially when hanging out with others or even making time for myself.


Do you ever "disconnect" from your technology or your work? Any tips on disconnecting so we can participate in life and get away from work?

Do we even know how to disconnect?


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