Free calls to phones... through Gmail!

Living without a cell phone is impossible, in my opinion, but I once did have to go without a phone for two weeks while it was getting repaired. I felt pretty out of touch with everyone bc I had to constantly contact people through Facebook. New solution: Google Chat calling.

I love anything Google, it's a known fact. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Calendar... etc.

But, one of my favorite things about Google is its free calling feature through Gmail! They've extended free calling through 2011, so take advantage of it now! Phone bills can be expensive, so definitely try this feature to save a little money throughout the rest of the year!


Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for Gmail or login

2. When you are logged in, you see the "chat" section in your left hand menu under inbox, sent, your labels, etc.

3. You will be prompted to download the voice calling plugin, it's really quick and easy to follow the download steps.

4. Once installed, you will be able to click the "call phone" button and this dialer will pop up in the bottom right part of your screen:

5. Start calling! The number will come up as a California number when calling.

6. Tell your friends, save them money too.


You can also video chat with people as well, similar to Skype.

Calling is free to US and Canada. Here are some of their other rates to India, Mexico, France and more rates on international calling.

This is a great feature I encourage everyone to take advantage of while it is still free to call!



  • Long distance calling
  • Client calls
  • Lengthy conversations
  • Cheaper rates for international calls
  • and more