Are we enjoying life or just "checking-in?"

There was a post in the #PRstudchat Facebook group today about doing the "mental to-do list" when you are out. Kyle Harty of Neiman Group brought up his hypothetical situation to-do list and raised some good questions:

I visit my local bar, check in on Foursquare, tweet a question asking what local brew to get, snap a photo of the place on instagram, and check in on GetGlue to the game playing on TV. When I leave I check out with Bizzy and review. What's your mental to-do list? What has become habitual for you? When does it become too much?

That is five things on Kyle's to-do list when he is out. That doesn't even include Facebook, texting or phone calls. Is that too much? He's not the only one.

When I'm out, I always check-in on Foursquare and usually send out a few tweets while I'm there. While I'm not tweeting about the place, I am talking to other people online and sometimes ignoring the people I'm with.

Has all of the checking-in, checking-out, reviewing, tweeting, texting, photographing, etc. become too much? Are we forgetting that we are out with people for a reason and that sometimes we do need to STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE!

I'm not pointing fingers here, it's something I'm known for too. I'm constantly attached to my phone and maybe it's time for me to put down the phone more too. Maybe we should do a quick check-in or snap a quick photo and that's it. Maybe we don't need to do all five+ things at every single place. Is it time for us to disconnect?

What's on your mental to-do list when you're out? What are your thoughts on this?


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