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If you saw this last week, CNBC named PR Executive as the #2 most stressful job in America in the America's Most Stressful Jobs 2011. I was surprised to see that it was the #2 job on the list. Some of the rest of the 10 in the list included communication related professions like photojournalist, newscaster, and advertising account executive. Here's what the list said as to why PR made the #2 spot:

Stress score: 47.60 Average annual salary: $101,850 Hours per day: 9

Public relations executives are “completely at the mercy of their clients and buyers,” says Tony Lee, noting that their success or failure depends on the actions and decisions of clients, creating a stressful situation because their performance is in many ways out of their hands.

They also bear the burden of being connected constantly to social media while also managing small details of several campaigns at once.

Though I'm just a PR student, I can already see this. Having worked with clients who aren't very responsible or responsive  is pretty awful, having situations happen that are out of your control, having to manage several social media accounts and campaigns and already being very constantly connected to social media.

I'm not complaining though. There's not anything else I would rather do or be doing besides PR. I love that there is constantly something to do or something to work on! I also love that every day is not the same and there is something new to do every day!

I disagree that PR is just 9 hours a day. It seems like a lot more than that. It seems like our lifestyle. We chose it and we chose to do this. We chose to be so involved and we chose to be so connected.

The reason I think PR is really a lifestyle is because, mostly, it seem that if you work in PR you have to keep up your image yourself. It's not just about managing a brand or company's image, it's about managing your own image as well. It is a lifestyle.

More thoughts:

What's the most stressful part about PR? Lauren Hernandez says, "the uncertainty of last-minute projects. But, you get it done. Love the adrenaline."