Job Hunting via Social Media - Clean Up Your Twitter.

Intro to my series “Job Hunting via Social Media” here -    Follow up to my post - Clean Up Your Facebook  

When you are looking for a job or applying for jobs, there is SO much focus on how your Facebook should look, what pictures should be posted and more. There isn't much conversation about Twitter.

Main rule that mostly everyone uses and talks about - "keep it 80% professional and 20% personality"

I mostly try to follow this. If you look at my tweets, I mostly tweet about everything PR, marketing, blogging, news, social media, branding, PRSSA and everything in between those subjects. I also have a few tweets about what I like and a few tweets to friends and such conversation.

However, if you are interviewing or on the job hunt, you should not tweet about:

  • Wanting to work for x and x companies
  • Topics around the subject of sleeping naked in your bed
  • Being trashed every weekend
  • Posting pictures to twitpic of rowdy weekends
  • Every single tweet about what your cat is doing
  • Direct insult tweets - do NOT start an online fight
  • Anything to do with #teamfollowback - it's annoying
  • Depressing tweets over and over
  • What you are doing every single minute of the day
  • Tweets just to be tweeting

"When it doubt, don't tweet it out."

I've had a few personal experiences in interviews where potential employers have told me they have looked through my tweets. Was it a little unsettling to hear that in person? Sure, but I wasn't too worried because most of my tweets are pretty professional.

One thing I would recommend, especially if you are on the job hunt, is do not tweet about certain locations or certain companies you are interested in because other companies/places not on those "lists" could be turned away from you because of this [personal experience here too].

Another important thing to avoid: conflict online. It doesn't look good for you OR the other person. Ignore it, avoid it and move on.

Does this mean your Twitter has to be absolutely boring? NO! Tweet about what you are passionate about and interested in! When you are engaging others and really interested in what you are tweeting about, it will shine through.


Am I the prime example of how someone's Twitter should be? Absolutely not. Bring your OWN personality to your Twitter! Your tweets don't have to be 100% serious all the time or 100% field/news related, but a lot of them probably should be.

Employers want to see that you are knowledgeable about your field and that you are up on the latest news/trends in your field, BUT they want to learn more about you and what you are about, so have a little fun!

Just try to keep in mind that if you were a potential employer and if you looked at your own Twitter, would you still be interested in YOU as a candidate for a job?

Have any other tips for keeping your Twitter clean or why you should? Let me know!


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