Using Foursquare, Saving Money

Recently, I was in Seattle, WA for the PRSSA National Assembly. One of my favorite things about cities, besides the fact that it is a city and there is actually stuff to do there, is the fact that foursquare is relevant in cities. On our campus, foursquare is not that popular, yet, and is kind of repetitive when the same people check-in at the same four+ places every single day. We also don't really have a lot of foursquare specials around our campus and don't have any on our campus.

What is foursquare? I define it as a geo-location check-in application where you "check-in" to places via your mobile phone while you are at the location. You can earn different badges by checking-in to places, get discounts by checking-in and you can see where your friends are checking-in through this app.

So when I was in Seattle, I was determined to get as many discounts as possible with foursquare.

First mission: Get a new camera. When I was on the plane to Seattle, I noticed my digital camera was not working and it wasn't responding to the charger or anything really. So, I needed a new camera.

Foursquare discount I knew of: 10% off at RadioShack for every check-in.

A few friends and myself headed down to RadioShack, only a few blocks away, and I picked out a new camera, which I love, and it was already on sale for $60 cheaper that weekend. However, the foursquare special there was 20% off for your first check-in, so I got a $190 for almost half-off that day!

Second mission: Get more discounts.

One thing I love about the new foursquare 3.0 is that you can click "specials nearby" and it will show you what places actually have specials nearby!

First place my friends and I headed to, after buying the camera, was H&M. If you check-in at H&M for the first time at that location, you get 24% off of one item. I told this to quite a few of my friends and we all checked-in to get this discount!

Next stop was right across the street to American Eagle. If you check-in at American Eagle, you get 15% off of your whole purchase! I do not shop at AE much, unless they have a pretty great sale, but 15% off a new pair of shorts that were already on sale was a pretty good deal!

What other specials were around? Well a few others, including 50% off the new street tacos at Qdoba Mexican Grill, 20% or 15% off sale and clearance at Macy's, $2.00 off CDs in Barnes & Noble, 1 free Bar Food Menu item with any beverage purchase at McCormick's Fish and Seafood House and MORE!

One of my other favorite things about foursquare is checking-in with people that you know, especially when you are at a conference and A LOT of people are checking-in:

While I think foursquare is kind of pointless in non-cities and places where a lot of people aren't using it, if you are in a city or a well populated area with a lot of restaurants, shops, bars, etc., you should definitely check-out [or check-in haha] foursquare!

It's simple to sign up, just download foursquare on your smartphone or go to to sign up and start checking-in!


What has been your favorite foursquare deal or special?