10 Things to Include in an Online Portfolio

Following my post on why you should Create an Online Portfolio and sites to use to create an online portfolio, here are a few things you should include in the actual portfolio:

1. Writing samples

  • A lot of professionals, professors and even other students are saying that PR students' writing skills are not where they need to be. Include edited and corrected writing samples to showcase your writing skills. Ex.) Press releases, papers, etc.

2. Design material

  • If you have done anything for any event, I would include that design material. This can include flyers, banner graphics, logos and more.

3. Featured press

  • If you have been featured in the news or on any website, include links to the stories! You should be proud of your accomplishments and why you are in the news!

4. Published stories

  • After you wrote the press release and sent it out, it probably got published somewhere. Make sure you post links or pictures of your published stories!

5. Presentations

  • I think presentations are a great thing to put in portfolios because it shows you know how to make a presentation and shows your presentation style. Make sure there isn't too much information on each slide and also make sure there are no errors on the slides.

6. Plans

  • If you have created a communication plan, a crisis plan or any kind of detailed plans for an organization, company, business, etc., make sure you include this. Plans are always a great thing to include because they are detailed and show you can be prepared for anything.

7. Resume

  • Include a copy of your resume to showcase more about you and what you're involved in and where you have experience.

8. Cover letter sample

  • This doesn't have to have real information in it, but include a sample of what a cover letter you have written will look and sound like.

9.  Awards

  • List any rewards or honors you have received.

10.  Social media links

  • Someone looking at your online portfolio may want to connect with you further, want to ask questions about something or want to just see your social media involvement. Add your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites so people can find you.


Here's my online portfolio: http://laurenkgray.com/portfolio


What else could you include?