Ethics can be A LOT of fun!

As you know, I just got back from PRSSA National Assembly and one of my favorite sessions was the "Ethics Challenge" session. I think ethics is one topic that often gets overlooked or people start to roll their eyes if it is even brought up. Well this was a GREAT session at #PRSSANA because we actually talked about different ethical situations we could really be put in and it was great to hear everyone's feedback!

We were divided into teams and given different scenarios to discuss different ethical problems from ethical funding issues to interns disclosing confidential information and looking over problems just to benefit a client.

The thing that I liked, as said above, is that as PR students, professionals and even young professionals, we could all end up in these types of situations. I think it is SO important for managers to cover ethics with interns and new hires before even beginning a job.

Once you cover the ethics, the responsibilities and the consequences, I think things are a lot better and a lot clearer for everyone. Reviewing your personal ethics, the PRSSA Code of Ethics and the PRSA Code of Ethics are always great things to do and something I really suggest everyone look over again.

I also suggest going over different types of ethical dilemmas with your Chapter, organization, team, etc. to see how different people would react and to get different people's opinions.


More on the ethics session about making ethical decisions and the values of PRSSA and PRSA: blog post here.