Is social media hindering us?

I just got back from our PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle and had an AWESOME time!! I love conferences because of the energy and shared knowledge people have because we all have the same interests and passions! One thing I am honestly kind of tired of hearing about is social media everywhere, all the time. Now I love social media, I really do, but I think it is time for us to get creative and think outside of social media too.

At our National Assembly, I ran for the position of Vice President of Public Relations. The  responsibilities include the following:

  • Promoting and managing mutually beneficial relationships, both internally and externally, between PRSSA and its publics.
  • Issuing press releases and the Biweekly Update.
  • Managing Chapter News.
  • Publishing the PRSSA Annual Report.
  • Managing and promoting the PRSSA Style Guide and PRSSA Graphic Standards manual.
  • Managing PRSSA social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn).

While managing the social media for PRSSA is important, that is not the only thing I will be doing. Chapter news, press releases, the Biweekly update and more are also a part of this position.

Most of the questions asked at National Assembly about this position were social media questions. As PR professionals, we are exactly that: public relations. Will social media eventually become a major? Probably. For now though, public relations is what we are doing. Can that include social media? Yes, but it is not the majority of what we do and I think that is a good thing to keep in mind.

I was so proud of the breakout sessions because they were not about social media, they were about branding, building your Chapter and ethics! GREAT sessions to focus on, besides just social media.


FAVORITE question I've ever been asked [from Social Fresh Tampa conference]:

Where would your personal brand or your company be today if Facebook and Twitter disappeared tomorrow?

I think that's a question that everyone really does need to think about. If we did not have FB and Twitter tomorrow, how interactive or present would you be online? Would you have your pictures, contacts, etc. on another website so you would still have them?

While I believe social media is important, it is not the end all be all.

As I was once told, "It's not a cultural revolution - it's just PR and marketing evolving."

This is just something to think about when you are in your next client meeting, organization meeting, company meeting and it's 100% focused on social media. There are other tools, other mediums and other platforms out there for communication and creativity.

Does everyone need to be on social media? Absolutely not, do what's best for your business/organization/society. Target your key markets and see where your publics are. Do an analysis and do research for social media plan before you start. Remember, once you start, it will be ongoing and it will require more effort to continue to contribute to your new social media platforms.


As public relations students and professionals, we are supposed to be creative! Let's start stepping OUTSIDE the box and let's think about more than just social media.