Job Hunt via Social Media - Create an Online Portfolio

Intro to my series “Job Hunting via Social Media” here -

What do employers want to see when they are interviewing or reviewing resumes and such? What you can do. Employers want to see what you've done, how you helped your past company, etc. They want to see results and work you can do.

Even if you are not in PR, marketing or another related field, it is still a good idea to display what you can do online on a site. It is easy to send and can easily be sent with a resume and cover letter when e-mailing or contacting employees. Showcase charts, photography, flyers, posters, writings, etc. and more on your portfolio!

I also include my website/portfolio on my resume when I send it out so that employers can see an extended list of my capabilities and past works.

I have listed eight resources below for online portfolio websites, some of them are paid, but most are free to use! Start one today and build yourself up online! I recommend every student doing this and keeping it updated.


8 websites to use to create an online portfolio:

1. Your own website [like mine]

  • I use to showcase my portfolio under my portfolio section on my website home page.  -
  • This way you can customize your webpage and content the way you want.
  • Supports - supports images, documents and video content.
  • Free to use unless you buy your own domain [$17-$29 a year]


2. Carbonmade

  • Supports images, flash and video content
  • Easy to use
  • Basic free account or the $12 per month option. Limited themes


3. Visual CV

  • Free to use. Combined resume and portfolio building. Easy to upload documents, presentations, pictures, etc.
  • Unique URL
  • Create multiple VisualCVs, each with a unique purpose and secure privacy setting


4. Coroflot

  • Free to use and there are no restrictions on file uploads
  • You can also network with other members and receive notifications of job offers and job postings



  • Showcase of all your social media sites and other contact sites
  • Section for "about me"
  • Free to use, simple to use and update

6. Photoshelter

  • Showcase your photography
  • Customizable templates, searchable galleries, e-commerce capabilities and  image storage.
  • Paid service


7. Zenfolio

  • Full editing rights, unlimited storage, highly customizable designs.
  • Can sell products through this website
  • $100 a year - 2 week free trial


8. Tumblr

  • Usually seen as a "blog" website, but you can add photos, documents, links and more.
  • Free to use and can buy domain through Tumblr.
  • Can build "followers."
  • Easy to use


I hope this post was helpful and please reach out to me if you need any help using these sites or if you have questions about what to put in your online portfolio!