Job Hunt via Social Media - Be Sincere Across ALL Boards.

Intro to my series “Job Hunting via Social Media” here - Insincerity is something I come across a lot in real life and online. If you are acting like a different person in real life, online and on different social media sites, someone is going to notice.

If you are job hunting, be the same person online via social media that you would be in real life. That's definitely something I try to do. Most people tell me I talk the same as I "type" on Twitter, which I think is a good thing. People can really tell it's me on my Twitter, Facebook, etc. after they meet me in real life.

Am I a little different? Well yes, I'm more professional online, but I'm not a completely different person and I also try to be professional in my life as well. No one is perfect, but I think you should seem the same and be sincere across all social media platforms and cross that over into your real life connections as well.

Being fake is my number one biggest pet peeve. There are a lot of people I know in real life and online that say one thing and do another or talk absolute crap about someone a lot and then try to be their best friend. If you are insulting people, it does get back to them eventually. When you are fake to so many people, people start to notice and it will get around. When employers start to ask about you online and start to really follow you online, they will see this too.

Be sincere. If you don't like someone, you don't have to be terrible to them, but you don't have to act completely fake to them and try to be their best friend. Don't act like someone you aren't online, be yourself! You will seem more genuine and likable to everyone if you are really being yourself. Once people see your consistency across all platforms, they will know you are for real and a sincere person.

Relating back to my post on Clean Up Your Facebook, make sure your Facebook and Twitter are clean. Just because your Facebook is private doesn't mean people won't find a way to see it and how you are acting on there either.

Be genuine, be sincere and be yourself - my words of advice to you.