Job Hunting via Social Media - Clean Up Your Facebook.

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There are so many examples online, I'm sure you've heard of, about Facebook and people not getting a job or internship because of Facebook. You're hearing these stories because they are real and employers really are looking at Facebook [CBS news story here -].

Employers are looking on Facebook to see if you really are like how you seem in the interview. They want to see how you maintain you're life and if you were being fake the entire interview. Think they can't see your profile because it's "private?" Wrong. There is software, tips, etc. that gets you around Facebook privacy settings. Want to see for yourself? Google "getting around privacy settings on Facebook" and see how to.

My tips for cleaning up your Facebook:

  • Delete drunken pictures. If you have too many pictures of you wasted, delete all of them and don't post them to begin with. Keep it classy!
  • Make out pictures. Don't post pictures of you making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, pictures of you on top of each other, etc.
  • Delete profanity where you can.
  • Delete any offensive quotes that could be taken the wrong way or portray you in the wrong light.
  • Add your jobs, internships and experience! Employers want to see if your resume matches up with your Facebook.
  • Monitor your wall. Delete comments that say, " had an awesome time getting trashed with you last night" and comments like that.
  • Don't have an entire wall feed of you playing games like farmville and mafia wars. No employer wants to see that amount of time wasted on Facebook games.
  • Delete suggestive pictures, don't be provocative online.
  • Don't fight with people on Facebook, it's annoying and it looks bad on you too for just being involved.
  • Don't share too much! Don't ever share your address, that you're suicidal, anything extreme, etc. Keep that private or get help.


Even as a student, I'm appalled at some of the things students post on Facebook in general, but especially people who are desperately searching for a job. Employers really are looking at Facebook so try to keep your Facebook as clean as possible.

I know Facebook is supposed to be a network for friends, but still try to maintain a professional personal appearance online everywhere and keep everything consistent.


What else do you think should NOT be on Facebook or SHOULD be on your page?


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