Job Hunting via Social Media - Building a Network

Part of my series "Job Hunting via Social Media" - intro post here:  

As I mentioned in my previous post about the #HAPPO hashtag, job hunting on social media sites is not just about looking, applying etc., it's about building a network before you have to begin a job search too - "build a well before you are thirsty."

When you have an online presence, a real online presence, it will be very beneficial for you through every question, problem and search you have. Having an online presence doesn't mean you are just talking about your day, your interests, etc., it means you are active and involved online. Set goals to be online and be active.


  • Set goals for yourself and make them realistic! ex. "I will tweet at least five times a day."
  • Engage new people every day! ex. "I will talk to at least three new people today."
  • Get into blogging! ex. "I will have at least one new blog post every two weeks."
  • Set up a LinkedIn and build a network there too. ex. "I will update my LinkedIn twice a week and add new connections as I meet them via Twitter and other sites."
  • Set up a social media hub on a site like or ex. "I will add all my sites to one site so more people can connect with me."


Get to know people in your field and even fields similar to yours. Start talking to people and really getting to know them! Twitter chats, as I've preached before, are probably one of the best ways to do this. Get involved in a few Twitter chats and paying attention to what goes on in the

hashtag during the week, not just the night of the chat, really helps build your network.

Having a network is NOT just about you. When you are job searching and building your network, it's about helping others out too. Having a network is about being mutually beneficial to everyone. When talking to people, keep in mind you can help each other and offer insight to each other. If you see questions, answer them and if you see opportunities, share them and help others!

That doesn't mean that you have to share every single thing you know, but if you see someone that needs help, it's okay to help them. That also doesn't mean you have to like every single person in the same hashtag or network as you, but be cordial and don't start any conflict online, it's not tasteful.

It's also not about numbers. Having followers on Twitter is AWESOME, but it's not about how many you have, it's about how many you really engage, really talk to and really get to know. Build up your following, of course, and be as engaging and helpful as you can!


I hope these tips were helpful to you about building a network online!

What are your favorite tips for building your network? How do you build your network?