Just being online is not enough.

Everyone is online, no seriously, everyone is. My mom, stepdad, aunts, distant relatives, cousins, etc. are all on Facebook, they all e-mail, they all read news online and more.

Just being online is not enough. If you are looking to build up yourself, build your brand and build your recognition, you need to do more than just simply be present online.

Just signing up for Twitter doesn't do it. Just signing up for a blog doesn't do it. No one is going to know you or anything about you if you just sign up.

Get active!

When you get on Twitter, get active! Don't just tweet about "I'm eating this..." or "we're doing this today..." but actually get involved with your major and your interests, no matter what they are.

There are chats with ALL kinds of topics and subjects, not just tech, PR, marketing, etc. but all kinds of stuff! Check out the list of all the collected Twitter chats here: http://bit.ly/7qsXo and a list of my favorite Twitter chats here: http://bit.ly/f4lXni

To get involved even further, engage people through chats. Introduce yourself and follow up with people after. Don't just talk to people in a chat and then post stuff to the hashtag, engage other people who also use the same hashtag and do the same chat.

Don't be afraid to talk to people, even professionals, CEOs, Executives, etc. They are on Twitter to talk to people, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself and start a conversation.

Twitter = powerful networking if done right.

Next comes getting active on some kind of blogging site.

If you are blogging about relevant content, blogging to help others, blogging to promote yourself, blogging how to tips, etc., then you are off to a good start. As my professor says, don't have a "cat blog" where it's a very boring blog about what your cat is doing and stuff like that.

Relate your blog to your field of work, study or interests. I blog to help people with tips, I blog to relate to what's going on in the news and I blog about different PR and social media topics usually.

Get involved with blogging!

I also suggest you get a LinkedIn and really use it. A lot of people don't really use their LinkedIn and I was one of them. I now get on LinkedIn at least three times a week and I'm working on more.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site basically used to showcase yourself. You provide your skills, past work, etc. and you get recommendations for your work from others. It's helpful when job searching because people can look at recommendations from your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn also has a pretty awesome list of open jobs out there, which is helpful when job hunting.

So, now you know just being online is NOT enough.

You have to be present, but be active on these sites. Take control of your future and who you could be connecting with and really get involved, don't just sit idle while others pass you and take your possible opportunities.