One year, more traveling.

This year it is one of my new year resolutions to visit four new states. I know I will at least get two and I have those planned so far.

First half of the year, I will be going to Seattle, WA for the first time for PRSSA National Assembly and I will be visiting a very good friend in Illinois too!

Other states I really want to visit: Pennsylvania, Indiana and New York. I really want to see Hershey, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. I'm actually hoping to maybe get a summer internship in Indy, so maybe that will happen too. I would love to live in another state besides N.C. and be in a real city for once.

I want to visit more cities because I want to move to a real city, outside of N.C., after I graduate. I'm very interested in living a city because it's different [to me] and there are more opportunities in the city with companies, social media, geo-location and more!


Conferences I plan on attending/want to attend:

  • Feb. 18 – PR Real World Conference in Atlanta, GA
  • Feb. 21-22 - Social Fresh in Tampa, FL
  • Feb. 25-26th – ECU PRSSA Regional Activity:  ”A PR Life is the Life for Me!” in Greenville, NC
  • March 4-5 – GSU PRSSA Regional Activity “PR Where U R” in Atlanta, GA
  • March 31-April 3 - PRSSA National Assembly in Seattle, WA
  • Oct. 14-18 - PRSSA National Conference in Orlando, FL


That's a lot of conferences and I will probably add more, but I really want to travel more and attend as many conferences I can.

Conferences are incredible, not only for the information you learn from sessions, but for the networking too. It's incredible to meet people at conferences you've been talking to for ages online and new people you connect with!

I really can't wait to do more traveling and more learning this year! If you know of any other PR, social media, etc. conferences you think I should attend or look into, let me know!