Thankful for in 2010, Bring it on 2011

As everyone else is typically doing their end of the year blog posts, reviews of the year, etc. I am also doing this!

I want to start with my word of 2011, I don't really have a lot of resolutions, but I do have a word I want to stick with:

  • My word for 2011 will be self-improvement. 2011 will NOT be about someone else, this will be a year for me.


The above might sound selfish, but let me explain. I'm ALWAYS about someone else. Whether it's a boyfriend, a best friend, an organization, etc. I'm always looking out for others over myself.

I really do need to focus more on me, improving myself and helping myself.





2011 Resolutions:

  • Delegate more
  • Trust others more
  • Gain 10 more members to our PRSSA Chapter
  • Visit 4 new states
  • Attend at least 6 conferences
  • Gain an incredible summer internship
  • Work on friendships that have faded a little bit
  • Keep in contact with people better


I love conferences, I love networking and I love meeting new people. I met A LOT of new people this year and I'm so thankful I got to meet them in real life and online:

  • Sarah Evans
  • Deirdre Breakenridge
  • David Spinks
  • Jeremy Pepper
  • Ben Pearcy
  • Kimberly Lucio
  • Amy Bishop
  • Rachel Sprung
  • Jason Mollica
  • Chris Banks
  • Matt LaCasse
  • Dashan Craft
  • Simon Oh
  • Joelle Tweeted
  • EVERYONE really from PRSSA National Conference D.C.
  • More people too I probably forgot!



2011 MUST be a better year because 2010 was NOT my year. I'm going to be optimistic about this.