PR Tools & Resources I'm Thankful For

This week is all about favorite things and being thankful, like Oprah did in her last show about all her favorite things, and in #pr20chat tonight the first question was Q1 What PR tool and/or resource are you most thankful for?

Here's my list of PR tools & resources I'm most thankful for:

1. My Droid: It does everything. It has Google Docs [see #4 below], it has TweetDeck, it has FourSquare, it can search by itself, it e-mails everyone I need to, it can navigate when I speak to it, and 1000 more things. I'm so thankful for it and everything it can do! If you are in PR, get a smart phone... ASAP. I'm serious.


2. Twitter: I have met SO many incredible people from Twitter. I've adopted a PR mentor from Twitter! I've connected with hundreds of other PR, marketing, branding, cooking, etc. people and they've really helped me out and expanded my knowledge on everything I know. Networking at it's finest.


3. PRSSA: The Public Relations Student Society of America is absolutely amazing. SO many young professionals coming together... there is nothing better. I've learned so much through my own chapter, leading my own chapter and from other PRSSA students across the country. PRSSA has also allowed me the opportunity to travel to San Diego, D.C. and, next semester, SEATTLE! I love it and all the people in it.

4. Google Docs: I lose things... A LOT. Google Docs ensures me that all my files are online and they are safe. I can access them from anywhere and I can edit them from anywhere. I can even create a new file and share it with whoever I want. It's amazing.


5. Sevans Network: The Sevans network via @PRSarahEvans is an incredible network with time dedicated by Sarah and other Sevans Strategy people for PR students and our growth. Incredible sharing of information and resources is on Sevans daily and I love it.


6. TweetDeck: I think TweetDeck is the best Twitter platform to use. It organizes my tweets by hashtag category and can even categorize them by person. It makes my life a lot easier to find information andget information from my favorite tweeters. TweetDeck has made a lot of good changes and it's a lot faster now. You can also add Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and more to your feed.


7. Mashable: If you haven't checked out @Mashable then you need to go do so RIGHT now. Mashablehas the BEST information social media and technology wise I've ever seen. They keep it updated and have the best news stories of anyone. It's usually honestly one of the first places I check for news everyday.


8. PRBreakfastClub: I learn so much from this blog weekly. They always have the BEST PR, networking, social media, etc. posts and advice! They are a must read for everyone in PR. Add this to your weekly reader! Their website and follow them on Twitter @PRBreakfastClub


9. If you are searching for an internship, this is the place to go. She has ALL the best internships listed and she is super helpful! Follow Lauren Berger @InternQueen


What PR resources and tools are you thankful for?