Simplify. Simplify.

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"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify." -Henry David Thoreau

Do we take enough moments to breathe? Do you ever stop and just admire what's around you? I know I don't. I'm ALWAYS focused on the future, what I should be doing and what I should be working on.

All I hear ALL the time from everyone is how we are all so bogged down, all so busy and all SO stressed out. It's taking away from our real lives. We aren't really living....

I think we are making our own lives complicated.

I think we need to take more time out of our overly busy days for simplier things.

My mentor @JasMollica told me to just sit and listen to music for two hours.

My best friend @MikeyFitz tells me to just calm down all the time.

These are things I actually need to be doing! This morning I finally just paused and looked around me. The leaves are changing SO beautifully on our campus. We live in the mountains and the changing of the leaves is absolutely amazing every year.


Let's try not to make things more complicated for ourselves. Those LONG to-do lists stress us out. Try to take things ONE thing at a time and not look at every single thing you have to do.

We should try to live more in the NOW rather than always in the future.

Let's try it out :]

New to-do list:

-Get some hot chocolate and sit outside to drink it

-Go on a walk around campus while it's still somewhat warm

-Dance like crazy this weekend at a party

-Take more time to myself

-Really try not to stress SO much and just live NOW!