Twitter feed to LinkedIn?

I know we have talked about this issue before and on a few different Twitter chats, but I'm still wondering about this. Should you have your Twitter feed linked to your LinkedIn profile?

I got a LinkedIn message a few months ago from a professor saying it was unprofessional to have my Twitter feed linked to my LinkedIn because it was clogging up the feed and some of my tweets were basically irrelevant. She also send this same message to another student at our university. We both unlinked our Twitter feeds quickly.

After I did unlink the feed, I starting thinking. I keep my Twitter VERY professional. I do not post anything insulting, dirty, etc. I talk to people, participate in chats and post news. I think that's pretty professional.

I don't think Twitter feeds really clog up LinkedIn, but I did opt out of feeding my Twitter feed to my LinkedIn. If I want to post something from my Twitter to LinkedIn, I just used the #in hashtag and it goes to LinkedIn now.

What do you guys think? I would love some other opinions (take the poll!)[polldaddy poll=3891703]