Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, Texts to my BlackBerry

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] Are we too connected?

I can essentially survive via Internet from my BlackBerry Storm2. Everything comes to my phone. Tweets, Facebook notifications, new e-mails (from 2 different accounts) and texts come to my phone.

I check the weather from my phone. I check the news from my phone. I check college football scores from my phone. I check movie times, dates and locations from my phone.  I rely on my phone.

It's actually time-consuming to be checking my phone ALL the time. Since everything comes to my phone, my phone is constantly going off and, if you have a BlackBerry, you know this, my red light is constantly blinking.

Are we too connected?

Sometimes I like having all these different platforms on my phone, but sometimes it's too much.  I do need e-mail on my phone since I get so many e-mails a day, but I think it's too much sometimes.

Another example: Twitter platforms.

I tweet from web, TweetDeck, UberTwitter, Twitter for Blackberry, Tweetchat, Tweetgrid, and probably more. There's SO many different ways to get to one place.

What do you guys think? Are we too connected? Will computers phase out and become "the new phones" or have they already?