Foursquare Check-ins and Twitter?

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] Please note: This is an opinion post. Thank you!

There has been on going conversation on geo-location chats, foursquare chats and location-based chats [#4sqchat and #lbschat] about whether sending "check-ins," via @foursquare ,to Twitter and Facebook  is spam or not.

I think it's spam, and I'm going to tell you why.

When I'm on Twitter, I want to see conversation. Conversation, to me, is not posting where you are at and what you are doing all the time. Sometimes my Twitter feed is CLOGGED with foursquare check-ins and I think it's annoying.

The opposing side says check-ins can stimulate conversation, that may be true, but let's talk about it another way. You don't have to send your check-in to Twitter and Facebook every... single... time you check-in. I think it's spam because people do it over and over and over and never tweet anything for a while.  Another aspect: I just don't care where you are and what you're doing all the time. If I want to know where people are, I can check my foursquare app on my BlackBerry.

My opinion: It's annoying, it's not engaging and it's repetitive.

Solution: You can use TweetDeck to block foursquare check-ins so you will never have to see them. This feature via TweetDeck really helped me so I wouldn't have to see the check-ins all the time.

Note: I am not against foursquare, gowalla or any other geo-location check-in/gaming programs. I love foursquare and use it myself about everyday! I just don't want to see check-ins all the time via my Twitter feed. It's my personal preference.

Please note: This is an opinion post. Thank you!