How many PR internships?

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] This past week on #PRstudchat, one of the discussion questions was about how many internships you should have/are you expected to have within PR. Note: Tweets are taken directly from #PRstudchat and given credit for.

I don't think there is really a "right" answer to this question, but I think you need either 2-3 internships. You need however many internships you feel you need to really "see" into the PR world and you need a place where you will want to work and be comfortable.

@bitty_boop says:  [there is] no set number. You just know when a place is right.

One thing about having internships is that you could have 8 internships, but did you do anything and did you learn anything? You can do three hours a week and not do anything for a company/organization/business and count that as an internship, but is that really going to help you?

Make sure when you DO intern, you are actually doing something to benefit yourself and the place you are working for. If you never do anything, it's not helping anyone in the long run.

What about unpaid vs. paid?

@kionsanders says: There's nothing wrong with an unpaid internship (if you can afford it). Some major corporations don't pay.

I agree! Even if you're not getting paid, still take advantage of the opportunity to intern. Maybe work out an agreement with the company and intern MWF and work somewhere else Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure an unpaid internship fits into your budget and your schedule.

If you do get a paid internship, all the better! I think having a paid internship makes people more motivated sometimes, but paid/unpaid it really doesn't matter as long as YOU get something out of the internship.

@han_ma said: Keep an open-mind to try anything new. Never limit your opportunities to learn.

Here is an interesting post, via the New York Times, titled 'The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not' that raises some very interesting questions...

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