My Favorite Twitter Chats!

I was asked by Shelley @seashells what my favorite Twitter chats are. So I decided to make a list of my favorite Twitter chats and WHY they are my favorites. There are a few that are on the same day, which does make it difficult to participate in more than one at the same time, but they are all worth participating in!


#BlogChat at 9 p.m. EST: weekly chat for bloggers! TOP 3 favorite chat for me! ALWAYS a great place to talk to other bloggers about different aspects of blogging and social media! Moderated by the great @MackCollier



#journchat at 7-10 p.m. CST: Weekly conversation between journalists, bloggers and public relations folksYou can follow @journchat as well and learn more about it here Moderated and created by: @PRsarahevans


#4sqchat at 9 p.m. EST: This is a great place to talk about foursquare, geo-location check-in for smartphones, and anything else to do with geo-location news and such! Great people to talk to! Moderated by: @4SqINDY and @hust0058


#JobHuntChat at 10 p.m. EST: A pretty awesome Twitter chat about job advice, job hunt help and more! Moderated by: @CornOnTheJob and @Blogging4Jobs. Also follow @JobHuntChat and get more info here:



#pr20chat at 8 p.m. EST: a weekly conversation about public relations 2.0 Always a great place to catch up on PR news and get PR opinions and help! Also talk about the latest things in PR. Moderated by: @PRtini and @JGoldsborough



#BrandChat at 11 a.m. EST: a weekly chat about branding and marketing. I learned some pretty great branding and marketing strategies from this chat! TOP chat! Moderated by: @mariaduron and @davidsandusky


#GenYchat at 9 p.m. EST:  Always great information about our (well my) generation and what's going on with our generation. Great info and always about the exchange of info too! Moderated/created by: @WriterChanelle



#u30pro at 8 p.m. EST: a Twitter chat for under 30 professionals discussing how to bridge the generational gap, demolish stereotypes and break down differences in the professional workplace. Definitely one of my TOP three favorite chats! Moderated by: @DavidSpinks, @sjhalestorm and @cubanalaf


#LBSchat at 9 p.m. EST: This chat explores all things about location-based social media and technology. Another great chat to talk about geo-location! Moderated/founded by: @EricLeist and @mrahmey


More chats:

#prstudchat is another one of my favorites and it is once a month (different days and times). It is one of my favorite chats because it is a LOT of PR professionals and students coming together to share their thoughts. There is always a lot of chatting and insight provided! Follow @PRstudchat for more info. Moderated by: @dbreakenridge & @valeriesimon

#cookchat is also another once a month chats and it is all about cooking, new recipes and other cooking ideas! Great place to talk with other people who love cooking and love trying new things! Moderated and created by @MattLaCasse

#PRSSA chat is also another mostly chat, usually grouped with #PRstudchat, that happens once a month that discusses different trends and topics in PR, not just PRSSA. Moderated by @kimkabob and the rest of the PRSSA National Committee Members.

These chats are nowhere near ALL the chats on Twitter! Check out my post “Have an interest? There’s a chat for that” at to get the complete list of Twitter chats!!

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