All Locked Up

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] If you have read any of my previous posts, you know I am all about engagement on Twitter. By engagement on Twitter, I mean actually being a part of the social network (because it is SOCIAL right?) by talking to people and participating in Twitter chats (see my post: Interaction ACTION! at:

So how can you participate and engage if your account is locked? People cannot see your tweets or respond to your tweets at all, unless they are following you, if your account is locked.

If you want to really be social on this (wow!) social network, unlock your account and start participating and networking. There are SO many thousands of users on Twitter and quite a few of them are bound to be interested in the same field as you. I talk with SO many professionals, brands and other students every day and I've learned so much from them all. I have learned a lot more about branding, social media, hashtags, Twitter platforms ( like TweetDeck and TweetChat) and even more about PRSSA and PR. I've also learned a lot by participating in Twitter chats like #smmchat, #blogchat, #prstudchat, #u30pro and more.

If you want to really be involved on Twitter, unlock your account so people can start engaging you and you can start engaging them. It's not just about talking to your friends you see everyday on Twitter, it's about talking to OTHER people, learning from OTHER people and networking with OTHER people.

How can you learn from others if they can't even see what you're saying?