Professionalism of Twitter and Facebook?

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] This is an I ask a few questions and you respond kind of post! I have a few questions about the professionalism of Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, a professor told me I should delete my Twitter feed from my LinkedIn account because it was "chatty" conversation more suitable for Facebook. First she said since I have a Facebook linke, I "don't need Twitter." Then she also told me to "eliminate the Facebook link" because "anyone can find you anyway."

Honestly, I'm confused.

I did delete my Twitter feed from my LinkedIn account because I could see how it could clog up people's feeds and because, while most of my tweets are professional, there is some conversation with others that might be considered "chatty." Though, I never have tweets like "going to the bathroom" or any nonsense like that. Now, I only have a link to my Twitter and Facebook and not any kind of feeds.

There has also been some discussion in the #prstudchat's LinkedIn group about separating Twitter accounts, one to be professional and one personal. I do not do a lot of personal tweeting so I just have one account and I also do not know a lot of people who have separate accounts.

I understand the need for two accounts if you have a business, company, organization, etc. and you want a separate personal account, but not sure about myself having two accounts.

I am questioning the professionalism of Facebook at all and if I should have a link because Facebook is very personal and not really for the professional world, unless you have a fan page or group page for your organization, brand, business, etc.

Do you think I should have a link to my Facebook on LinkedIn? Is Facebook professional at all?

What is your opinion on the professionalism of Twitter and if you need a personal Twitter account separate from a professional Twitter account?


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