Who do YOU know?

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] A few nights ago I had a VERY bad experience! My adorable little miniature dachshund got an allergic reaction to a shot she received! She was crying, she was swollen and she was covered in red bumps; it was terrible!

The vet was not answering the phone so I started calling around to my friends, one of them whose parent is a veterinarian, and I took to Twitter for some answers.

I am SO thankful for my followers on Twitter and all their knowledge. It's so important, as I've said before, to really connect with people because you never know when you can help them and when they can help you.

One point I would really like to make is don't be afraid to branch out on your Twitter. For instance, I LOVE PR, social media, marketing, etc., but I also follow other dog lovers, cookchat people, and all kinds of other people with other interests! Don't be afraid to check out other people and follow different kinds of people.

Thank you to ALL my Twitter followers for being so amazing and supporting me through everything I do!

Especially thanks to: @Samjb and @AGILES_ for their help with telling me how to help Dixie! Thanks to everyone else for your support and concern too.