Interaction ACTION!

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I have about 950 followers [it varies from day-to-day].

I follow 640 people.

How many of the people who follow me and that I follow do I regularly interact with? Probably only about 30.

So what are the other people for? Why are they there? This is something I have really been thinking about lately. There are all these people following me and that I'm following that I rarely interact with or have never actually interacted with. I think this needs to change.

These people follow me for a reason and I follow people for a reason and I need to interact with them more and start engaging in some real conversations with people who are interested in me.

Through my interactions with people I have honestly come to find new friends on Twitter and I regard them as my friends. I love talking to other people, sharing opinions and learning from others. I'm actually planning to meet up with some other PR students I've met from #prstudchat #prssa #pr20chat #u30pro at the upcoming PRSSA National Conference in Washington D.C. and I can't wait!

I'm really looking forward to engaging and interacting with more of my followers and people I'm following. I love tweeting with the people I regularly tweet with almost everyday but variety is always good!

My new goal: Interact with at least ONE new person a day! I really want to start engaging more people I'm following and people following me.

Best way to meet new people: join up a chat! see my post: "Have an interest? There's a chat for that" at

Another good way to meet people is to talk about different things. Sure I love to tweet about PR, social media and marketing, but I also tweet about cooking, my dogs, celeb gossip and more. Don't be afraid to switch it up!

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