Have an interest? There's a chat for that.

[tweetmeme source=laurenkgray only_single=false] Have you ever acted like you know everything about a certain subject/object before just because you thought you did or wanted others to think you did?

Well I know I have. I really thought I had WordPress down pat, knew how to do everything, etc. Come to find out, I really didn't know that much! I didn't even know I didn't have an avatar picture, I didn't notice all my different pages had disappeared on another layout, and I didn't have a lot of the 'widgets' that I needed to have on the sidebar.

It's amazing how much you think you know, then come to find out, you don't know much at all.

I really got a lot of help last night by Shawn Poh, @lovtoo on Twitter, and he really helped me out by helping me set up 'widgets,' adding the avatar picture, adding the retweet button at the top of each blog post, and the share button at the bottom of each blog post.

I met Shawn though #blogchat on Twitter. It's awesome how much help you can get from people you meet through the Twitter chats and how many people you can actually start to feel like you are friends with because you chat with them everyday on Twitter! Twitter is an awesome resource for anyone in any field. There is a chat for EVERYTHING. #phonechat, #dogchat, #blogchat, #prstudchat, #cookchat, etc. Have an interest? There's a chat for that.

I'm into PR, social media, branding, cooking, and marketing. The most active chats I participate in are: #prstudchat #prssa #cookchat #pr20chat, #u30pro, #cookchat #smchat, #genychat, and a few more.

Yes, that might mean that I am on Twitter for a few hours every night, but I think it's worth it. Look at all the help, above, that I got from one person that I met through a chat one night! It's really beneficial to everyone to get opinions, help, advice, etc. from other people you meet on Twitter and through chats. I actually can't wait to meet some people I've met on Twitter at the PRSSA national conference in D.C. this year! I'm really excited!

So, get involved in a chat today! No matter what you are interested in, there is chat for it. Check out a list of all the chats and their times, or a list of most of them, at: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=ruaz3GZveOsoXUOOt86B3AQ

Tell me about your favorite chats and if you have met some awesome people through chats!