Look whose lookin'!

Wow, how my numbers have increased these past few weeks. Two weeks ago, my blog was barely getting 10-15 hits a day, now for the past 3 days, it has been getting between 70-110 hits a day. Yesterday, May 24, I had 110 hits on my blog, a new record. How have I gotten this many hits a day? Two key words: Participation and Engagement. They go hand in hand.

Participation: Twitter chats.

Engagement: Twitter conversation.

Participating in any Twitter chat that is regularly scheduled is the place to start. However, that is not the whole package. It is not enough just to participate in a Twitter chat, like #smmackchat or #blogchat (founded by @MackCollier), and respond to the questions asked, you have to participate and engage in the conversation. Do not just respond to the questions; respond to other people’s comments on the questions and their comments in general.

List of Twitter chats & their schedules so YOU can participate in a chat too! http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=ruaz3GZveOsoXUOOt86B3AQ

I participated in #Blogchat this past Sunday night and received the most hits I had ever (previously) had on my blog in just an hour and a half. In an hour and a half, I received 68+ hits to my blog. Why? Because I was actively participating and engaging in conversation with other bloggers and tweeters.

I was tweeting to other people, clicking links to their blogs, responding to questions, and giving my opinions on the topic. I was, again, actively participating and engaging in conversation. Why would people want to click on a link to anything you post if they have never talked to you, don’t know any of your interests and haven’t really seen anything out of you?

If you want people to click the links you post, engage in conversation and just talk to people! This is social media after all! Another tip: click their links too and give feedback on their blogs. It’s a give and take.

You also have to be willing to put your blog link out there. It is self-promoting and it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t be shy about it! I’m not saying post your blog link 30 times a day, but I suggest posting it at least three times a day.

Whenever you are posting a link to your blog, you need to have different tweets about it. Do NOT use the same tweet every time. Make it unique and interesting EVERY time. If it does not sound interesting to you, it’s not going to sound interesting to someone else. You have to make people WANT to click your link!

Play around with the title. You do not always have to make it the topic of your post. For example, my post: Never Have I Ever. Is my post really about the game “Never Have I Ever?” No, but it’s an interesting game and people were interested in the post because it was different!

How do you get more hits to your blog? Participate and Engage, it’s simple and it’s so easy to do. Put yourself out there and just talk to people!

I'm no where near the amount of hits I would like and I look forward to gaining more hits and more insights from YOU!

What's your favorite/most effective way to get more blog hits?