Never have I ever...

This post is about learning to listen to each other, no matter what the age or experience. Have you ever played the game "Never Have I Ever?" Everyone starts with 10 fingers up and as someone says they have never done something, but you have done it, you put a finger down. Example: if one player says "Never have I ever...been to Texas" but you have been to Texas, you put a finger down.

If we were playing Never Have I Ever, I would definitely lose a finger when it comes to have been discriminated against by a professional in the Public Relations field because they haven't listened to me, ignored me, brushed me aside, etc. (this was in the real world, not actually online.)

I'm not sure why students are discriminated against by professionals. I actually asked the question on Twitter today. Some people said professionals who have been in the business for a while look at college kids as inexperienced, partiers, newcomers, etc. Some people said some professionals could feel threatened.

Shouldn't we all be working together, all be listening to each other and all be taking each others' advice? I have never discredited a professional because I didn't think they had enough experience, I listened to them anyways. Just because someone may not know every single thing doesn't mean they do not know anything.

I think everyone can be a teacher and everyone can be a follower. You can be the indian and the chief. Sometimes we need more "indians" than "chiefs." In more cases than not, there are too many people trying to be "chiefs" and not enough trying to be the "indians." I guess I can understand if a professor or professional feels threatened because we are being taught by some of the greatest minds in one of the greatest technological ages, but we can still all learn from each other. Just because I am a student doesn't mean my opinions and ideas are crap and need to be looked over.

Students and followers have great ideas too! It's so important to listen to each other, even when you think you don't need to. You should even "listen" in on Twitter and see what people are saying. Do you ALWAYS have to participate in a conversation? No, but you can read over it, get some ideas and just learn someone else's opinions, values, etc.

I think we all need to start listening to each other more and stop ignoring each other and brushing each other aside. Experience can be important, but newcomers do have experience and if they are an employee, they are a part of the time, so make them a part of your team.