Improving my web presence

Having an online presence is really a big deal. Showing that you are involved and engaged in social media sites, conversation, and websites in general shows you are willing to get involved and willing to learn. I sure learned a lot on Twitter today from the hashtags #SMMackChat, #blogchat and #journchat. Participating in hashtag conversations is so much fun and you learn so much! I started my Twitter in March of 2009. I only really began to honestly use it in about December of 2009 and really interact with others. One of the best conversations I've had on Twitter today started with myself, @MarkCollier, @furnituregirl, and @antwizzel because we were just talking about social media problems, innovations, successes, etc. Basically it was all about social media and I loved it!

One of the most important things I think that was said was that you may have 20,000 followers or something like that, but do they really matter unless they engage you?

That is what I have been trying to work on: engaging people I follow and engaging people in general. I love the conversations on Twitter because there's so many different opinions, ideas, etc. on Twitter and you can really learn from other people!

Today we also talked about geo-social media like Foursquare, which I just got into today. I am going to research more into FourSquare because I'm not so sure about privacy issues, but I am going to attempt to try it!

With the privacy issue, Facebook has been under A LOT of fire over their new privacy issues and settings. One guy even said that we were going back to how in small communities, people know everything about everyone. It's true that it is the person's "fault" they put their information online and maybe TMI online, but should Facebook be allowed to share information? What about people who don't even know their privacy settings and that their current settings allow others to see anything?

Concerned about Facebook privacy issues? Go to to scan your Facebook profile and fix your privacy settings.

In #blogchat today, I definitely learned it's better to blog kinda about nothing than not blog at all because you have to be consistent to keep people coming back.

Great day on Twitter today!!