Teaching a social media class!

Last night [March 22] I successfully taught a Social Media Class to 22 businesspeople of Dillsboro, NC. Without the help of Ashley Funderburk and Garrett Richardson, it would have been crazy! It was from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. last night.

A little background, few people of the town of Dillsboro had Facebook or if they did, they really didn't know how to effectively use it.

In the class, we began by setting up people a Facebook who did not have one and then we created "fan pages" for their businesses. I do not think we actually anticipated how many people did not know how to use Facebook at all. It was actually kind of hard to teach what I thought was simple, but to everyone else, it was complex. We had to go step by step to where to click, what to post, and how to post. We definitely needed more help than just Ashley, Garrett, and I because some of the computers had problems, Facebook wasn't letting people sign up or create Fan Pages, and a ton of questions were being asked.

I created a PowerPoint on the effectiveness of Facebook and Twitter, how to use them, what to post, and examples of businesses that have seen an increase in sales due to social media.

Things we went over:

Status Updates [should be every day-every 3 days]

Photos [need appealing, friendly photos]

Events [need events so people know you have stuff going on]

The "we" concept, not "I" [your business is a WE not an I]

Comments [when someone leaves you a comment, respond]

E-mail [have an e-mail listed that you are willing to receive mail to]

Privacy options

Information  [posting store hours, location, etc.]


With the help of Kleber and Associates' "White Paper" this event was successful, and their paper really helped us a lot!