This ONE fact will change my coffee order forever

Yes I understand the title is a bit dramatic, but my mind has been blown while ordering my coffee this morning!

The barista and I know each other well (we see each other almost every day) and he said “the usual?” and I said “yes! I need a lot of caffeine today.”

He then proceeded to tell me to get the blonde roast instead this morning…. because LIGHT ROASTS HAVE MORE CAFFEINE.

How have I not known this before? Why has no one ever told me this? It didn’t make any sense to me as I always though lighter coffees had less caffeine and weren’t as strong.

The Huffington Post says:

Dark roast coffees actually have less caffeine than lighter roasts. A strong, rich flavor might seem to indicate an extra dose of caffeine, but the truth is that light roasts actually pack more of a jolt than dark roasts.

From the Livestrong website:

When you peruse coffee labels, you will likely see a roast type: light, medium or dark. This is an indicator of flavor strength, with the dark roasts having the boldest tastes. The darker the beans, the longer they have been roasted. While a stronger dark roast might seemingly have a higher caffeine content, this is not true based on the roasting process. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine is burned off. Light roasts aren’t as strong, but they pack the most caffeine.

I honestly had no idea. I don’t know if I’m the last person to find this out (my office didn’t know this as well), but I thought this gold nugget of information should be shared. I’ll definitely be ordering light roast coffees from now on!


P.S. would love for you to comment if you also didn’t know this!!

Click image for source.

Click image for source.




5 Links I Loved This Week

When I find great posts, I just have to share them so others can learn from them too.

1. 5 Reasons Why I Vote (And You Should Too) by Lena Dunham

Let me just start by saying I love Lena Dunham and I’m obsessed with her. She’s a very strong woman and I love her political involvement. Voting is the process that makes a difference and it boils MY blood when people don’t vote. Read this post to view Lena’s opinions AND make sure you vote this November in these VERY important elections!

Image via Planned Parenthood

Image via Planned Parenthood

2. An intimate side of the Ebola crisis, taken via Instagram via

We’ve all heard of the Ebola crisis, but for some it didn’t seem real until it hit the US. I read the Hot Zone in 8th grade… so I’m very familiar with Ebola and the terrible destruction it brings and just how truly awful it is. If you haven’t read up on it or the signs, get informed. These photos are just a couple of different looks at the current Ebola crisis.

3. People Went Crazy When Steve Jobs Demonstrated How Wi-Fi Works Back In 1999 via Business Insider

I love anything and everything to do with Apple and Steve Jobs. It was a real treat to travel back to 1999 when people really didn’t know what Wi-Fi was! Crazy to think, but crazier to see. Take a look!

4. Making a big change via Clarity On Fire

One of my favorite blogs to read! Sometimes I feel like a huge failure and it does spiral out of control. This post talks about how we should STOP unconsciously allowing one failure to say something about who you are as a person.

5. Good Lessons From a Bad Boss by Jeff Perkins

I’ve had some TERRIBLE bosses… and sometimes I learned more from them, and how I never want to treat people, over my awesome bosses. In this post, Jeff discusses the same things. Bad bosses don’t last forever and there are things you can learn from them along the way. Hang in there!

Anyone else find any good reads this week?