3 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a and Shell Social Media Nightmares – A lot of questions with no answers.

  1. Shell occasionally comes under fire for their lack of environmental practices, so what they should be doing is what Greenpeace etc. recommends by consciously making an effort to make their oil less damaging on the environment as well as creating/donating to an organization that helps wildlife.

    • I agree Shell should be focused on doing less damage to the environment and they might should listen to the Greenpeace people, but Twitter states impersonation is wrong and Greenpeace and who all is with them could be doing more damage here.


  2. Good post. I think this opens up a bigger issues that companies will likely face at some point and time. No matter what decisions are made, there is a good chance that somebody is going offended. The difference is going to be how that situation is dealt with.

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