First Pinterest Contests – Land’s End Canvas

While spending time “pinning” today on the latest most popular social network, Pinterest, I came across an oatmeal scarf that I absolutely loved from a company I was unfamiliar with called Land’s End Canvas.

After looking at the scarf and where it came from, I noticed it was in a Pinboard called “Lands’ End Canvas Holiday Pin it to Win it.” I was immediately intrigued! After a little bit of Googling, I found out they were having a Pinterest contest! This was a first of its kind I have seen. I’ve barely seen any brands on Pinterest and someone is already having a contest on Pinterest!

Here are the instructions for the contest:

Step 1:

Create Lands’ End Canvas Pin Board – Create a Lands’ End Canvas Holiday Pin it to Win it Board on Pinterest and categorize under Women’s or Men’s Apparel.

Step 2:

Pin Your Favorite Lands’ End Canvas Items – Go to the Lands’ End Canvas Pinterest Boards to pin 10 – 20 of your favorite Lands’ End Canvas items.

Step 3:

Email Your Board Link – Email a link to your board for a chance to win one of ten $250 Lands’ End Canvas Gift Cards to


You can also follow @LandsEndCanvas to get updates on this contest and other deals they are currently having.


Want to know more about Pinterest? Here are two articles that share more information on Pinterest and how users are using it:

What’s Behind the Latest Pinterest Craze?  from Arik Hanson

The Newest Rave – Pinterest from Dwayne Kilbourne


*You do need an invite to sign up for Pinterest, so please let me know if you need an invite!


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2 thoughts on “First Pinterest Contests – Land’s End Canvas

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