Job Hunting via Social Media – Using LinkedIn

Part of my series “Job Hunting via Social Media” – intro post here:

Job hunting itself is a job. When you are searching for jobs, using sites like LinkedIn to help makes things a lot easier. According to LinkedIn’s website, “LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories.”

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting with students, professionals, companies and more. It’s also an awesome resource for job hunting because LinkedIn lists some pretty awesome jobs and filters jobs based on what fields you are in and “jobs you might be interested in.”

Jobs you may be interested in via LinkedIn

When looking for jobs via LinkedIn, log in to your LinkedIn at and click “jobs” on the top menu button and then search for jobs from there. The link to the job search via LinkedIn is also here, but you must be logged in to search – job search on LinkedIn.

You can also save jobs for viewing later and save searches for jobs so you don’t have to enter the same search every time. There are A LOT of good jobs listed on LinkedIn. A few notable ones I have seen include PR for Skype, social media for Ben & Jerry’s, PR and SM for Adobe, Branding and PR for Gartner and more!

Since LinkedIn is a professional company, there are a lot of businesses and companies that post their jobs to the site because they know if you are on LinkedIn you can see their job postings and if you are on LinkedIn you are doing something right to begin with.

Another pretty cool feature about LinkedIn with companies is that you can “follow” companies and see their recent departures, hires and news. This is helpful because you can see what the company is doing and what jobs they might be hiring for soon.


Company Updates from "following" them on LinkedIn.



Before you even begin your job search on LinkedIn, make sure your profile is appropriate, updated and detailed. Add all your past experience, add connections and get recommendations. If employers are searching for you online, they want to see that you keep your sites updated. I know I need to be more active on LinkedIn and it’s something I’m working on as well. I keep it updated and try to interact with groups at least three times a week.


Look for another upcoming post on what to put on LinkedIn and how to be active on LinkedIn!

Are you active on LinkedIn? How do you use LinkedIn?

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3 thoughts on “Job Hunting via Social Media – Using LinkedIn

  1. Great blog Lauren, using social media not only is a great way to find new opportunities, but it shows those companies that you are forward thinking and not just interested in going to the big paysites(monster, etc) to find a job. Don’t forget to tell your readers one of the best things to do on Linkedin is to join groups they are interested in and get involved!

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