Fired over Twitter! Kell on Earth episode.

  • I was watching Kell on Earth, a show about Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution, which is about fashion PR mostly.
  • Her staff hired a girl and FIRED her 20 min later [see video at the end] because of what she put on twitter!! she had tweeted about getting the job, going in the elevator, being on the show, the cameras were there, etc
  • They fired her because they could not trust her because they need discretion and secrecy to be a part of their industry. They had actually just fired another employer the previous episode for leaking details about fashion PR events to her friends and such.
  • I am still shocked about this. This girl was hired and then called and FIRED 20 min. later! We definitely need to watch what we put on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media site. This is serious business

Link to the show:

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5 thoughts on “Fired over Twitter! Kell on Earth episode.

  1. I totally agree with the decision to fire her. Not only can she not be trusted, she was not told she had the job, but was telling the world that she had it. She was talking about joining the “cast”. How presumptuous…

    • I totally agree! This also came after they had JUST fired another girl over confidentiality issues! This was absolutely crazy. I had heard how Twitter and Facebook can affect your job hunt, but I had never actually seen it happen. A great lesson for us all!

  2. Hmm, I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I mean, I can understand that she was tweeting alot about People’s Revolution,but none of that was “confidential information.”

    Them laughing about her afterwards actually uncalled for, in my opinion.

    Now take the Glee twitter spoiler scandal, in that case, the girl certainly deserved what she got.

    • Hi Jason!

      I think the point was that she was already over-tweeting about the company so that’s why she was fired because they already didn’t trust for. I probably wouldn’t have laughed about it after either.

      What Glee twitter spoiler scandal?? Send me info!


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